ACEVic Membership Form

ACEVic is the only peak body whose sole focus is on the issues facing Learn Local providers in Victoria

ACEVic has a Board made up of experienced CEOs and managers from Learn Local providers across the State, both RTO and non-RTO. ACEVic is drawing on the experience of key partners with many years’ experience working in Learn Local providers, and with strong networks within the education sector and government, to establish a robust and resilient foundation and ensure future sustainability.

ACEVic has a long history of effectively working with community education providers and community education provision through a range of services and lobbying actions.

ACEVic represents it members:

  • Directly to government, through the Minister for Training and Skills and his Advisors
  • Directly to the ACFE Board through regular meetings with the ACFE Board Chair
  • Directly to the Department of Education and Training through consultations, targeted specific issue engagements with Department staff, focus groups and ongoing discussion
  • As part of the Victorian ACE Policy Network, providing a powerful and united voice for the organisations and people who make up the community education sector

ACEVic’s purpose is to:

  • Advocate for greater investment in community education by all levels of government and upholding its values and principles
  • Build capability and sustainability of community education providers, including strengthening governance
  • Build recognition and professionalism of the community education sector and workforce

Services currently provided by ACEVic include:

  • Lobbying and advocacy for Learn Local organisations and provision
  • Member forums
  • Webinars on issues affecting Learn Locals
  • Regular communication and updates
  • Support for members on issues of business development and governance
  • Strategic and business planning services

Membership eligibility

Membership is available to any legally constituted, community managed organisation that:

  • is registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education Board;
  • has amongst its principal purposes the provision and/or support of learning opportunities for adults;
  • agrees with ACEVic’s purposes and policies.

2018 Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on organisational revenue.

Individual membership is available to any individual supportive of the aims of ACEVic, and has currency and direct involvement in the Learn Local sector. Individual memberships will be assessed and approved by the ACEVic Board on application. ACEVic reserves the right to refuse Individual membership applications if they are assessed as not meeting criteria.

Category 1: $320 + GST
 Annual Gross Income under $100,000
Category 2: $429
 + GST Annual Gross Income $100,000 to $250,000
Category 3: $537 + GST
 Annual Gross Income $250,000 to $500,000
Category 4: $646 + GST Annual Gross Income $500,000 to $1 million
Category 5: $925 + GST Annual Gross Income over $1 million

Associate Membership Fee: $305 + GST